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Live long, live smart.

Dr Simona Sacuiu from the University of Gothenburg has been studying two groups of 70 year olds living 30 years apart to see what has been happening in this age range through the years.

People in the first group were born around 1900 and took standard psychometric tests in 1970. Those in the second were born in 1930 and were tested in 2000.

As expected, the second group did better on life expectancy. In a five year follow up, 16% of the 1970 group died compared to 4% of the 2000 group.

When it came to developing dementia, a slightly better result for the second group was not large enough to be statistically significant.

While the intelligence tests taken at age 70 predicted the onset of dementia in the 1970 group, the 2000 group tested smarter so this link did not appear to hold true any longer.

The only predictor of dementia in the 2000 group was memory problems, though not all of those with memory problems went on to develop dementia.

Why are older people performing better in standard psychometric tests? According to Dr Sacuiu “The improvement can partly be explained by better pre- and neonatal care, better nutrition, higher quality of education, better treatment of high blood pressure and other vascular diseases, and not least the higher intellectual requirements of today’s society, where access to advanced technology, television and the Internet has become part of everyday life”.


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