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Preventing newborn flu.

Advice on both sides of the Atlantic is that pregnant mothers are an at-risk group that should get the flu vaccine. Now a second study has confirmed that mums-to-be who get the jab pass on the benefits to a second key group. where neither the US or the UK recommends vaccination. New-borns under 6 months have 90% less chance of catching flu if mum had the jab when pregnant.

Dr Marietta Vazquez looked at hospital admissions for flu in babies under 12 months old, from the period 200 to 2009, in Yale-New Haven hospital in north east US. These were each matched carefully with two controls who did not catch influenza.

On this comparison, where mother got inoculated against influenza while pregnant, baby had a 92% less risk of being admitted to hospital with flu. This protection only showed up in those under 6 months.

This finding is in line with an earlier study on the subject. Then, testing babies’ blood for antibodies showed better levels for those whose mother was vaccinated, at birth and at 3 months, while at 6 months the levels were similar to babies of non-inoculated mothers.

The US recommends inoculation of babies from the age of 6 months on. The UK does not.


December 21, 2010 - Posted by | Influenza, Pregnancy, Success, UK, United States, Vaccine

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