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Newborn v SIDS this New Year?

If you have a newborn child, the best way to celebrate New Year is lay off the alcohol, and put baby to bed using the SIDS rules.

A team from the US analysed 130,000 cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) over 25 years. These were compared to all causes of death in infants (nearly 300,000) in the same period, and against alcohol related crashes (about 140,000) over a similar period. The study was published in the journal Addiction.

The findings are stark.

SIDS spikes by 33% over average on New Year’s Day. Like alcohol consumption, SIDS increases at the weekend. Children of mothers who consume alcohol are at a higher risk of SIDS than those where the mother does not drink alcohol. 

Lesser spikes in SIDS are 20th April, linked to cannabis, and 4th July, linked to alcohol.

The research team evaluated the clock change to see if it has anything to do with people sleeping in, but it does not.

Here at Team McCallum there are two little folks under 12 months who need the grown-ups to make sure they are safe this New Year.

If you have a newborn, celebrate New Year with a soft drink, make sure you use the best rules for SIDS, and in 2011, Happy New Year to you and your little angel.


December 27, 2010 - Posted by | Alcohol, Child Health, Merry Christmas, Success

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