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Dr Ian Stephen and colleagues from the Perception Lab have found that looking tanned isn’t the best way to look great. People prefer a face that signals it is healthy, and for that you need carotenoid, a compound that comes from eating fruit and vegetables.

The Perception Lab at St Andrews studies faces and the information we get from them. This information is quite amazing, and the Perception Lab website covers some of the things we get from the faces of others, and what they get from you!

The work published by Dr Stephen investigated the link between carotenoid consumption and facial attractiveness in humans, because in birds and fishes the yellowness produced signals health, while in humans, carotenoids are linked to better immune systems and reproductive ability.

Three studies were carried out to clarify the link.

First, it was established that both a white population and a black (South African) preferred a particular yellow pigment, called CIELab b*, in faces of Caucasians, rather than pale white or tanned.

Second, they showed that those getting carotenoids from fruit and vegetables produced the CIELab b* yellow more in their face.

Third, when people were given photos of faces and the ability to alter the colour composition, they chose to increase the amount of CIELab b* rather than other alternatives.

So if you want to look your very best, don’t get tanned, eat your fruit and veg!


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